Honouring Personhood in Patients

by Dr Ross Bryson

This book is in part a description of how some health professionals working in the National Health Service in Britain have sought to ensure that the uniqueness of each individual patient is not lost in the drive to deliver scientific medical care to a wide range of people in a resource-limited context.

However, it is more than a historical description of some trends and changes in British General Practice. It has a deeply ethical core focused on the significance of human beings in their complexity and fullness. It touches on the deepest longings of every human being. Each of us intrinsically knows that we are all more than the sum of our separate components; that each human life is somehow unique and of inestimable value; and that personhood has a transcendent quality which defies measurement. Indeed, we all hope that when we are unwell or vulnerable that our uniqueness will be valued and honoured by those from whom we seek care.

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